CS Danube 2014-2015

CS Danube

RENAM represented by MD CERT is taking part in project Cyber Security in Danube Region CS Danube within the international cooperation programme. This project is led by the CZ.NIC Association and it has been launched on April 1 2015. The main goal of the project is the strengthening of cooperation…

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Closer 2008-2009


Barriers to CSIRTs cooperation. Challenge in practice – the CLOSER Project. Beneficial in CSIRT community the main areas of cooperation include: Incident handling Project conducting Information sharing Networking

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CERT Setup

Project of support of creation of CERT lasted for 2 years starting January 1st 2007 ending December 31st 2008. During these 2 years in Moldova has been established an operational CERT team that understands what CERT duties are, knows its constituency, its demands and problems, knows how to trace and…

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