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RENAM is National Research and Educational Network of Moldova – a non-governmental, non-commercial and non-for-profit network. Main activity of RENAM is focused on continuous development of communication and information infrastructure of the scientific and educational community of the Republic of Moldova.

Any scientific and educational body from Moldova can adhere to RENAM.

RENAM network activates in close cooperation with different national and external public organizations.



The main goal of RENAM network consists in continuous development of a modern electronic communication infrastructure capable to connect all research, educational, medical and cultural institutions from Moldova, and to provide them with Internet access services.


RENAM provides a full range of modern IP services, such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DNS, webcache (proxy), NTP, and also a number of advanced services based on the new upcoming communication technologies.


Another aim of RENAM consists in continuous and active participation in the work of international computer network organizations. The work of RENAM is supported by the following organizations:




The RENAM network is administered by a Public Association having same name – RENAM. The activity of RENAM Association is directed toward RENAM network exploitation and development, collaboration with Association’s members, involving of new members, and enlargement of the spectrum of services. RENAM Association has many qualified specialists and scientists from different fields of technologies, including modern electronic communications domain.