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National Council on Accreditation and Attestation

The National Council on Accreditation and Attestation (hereinafter – the National Council) is an institution of central public administration on evaluation and accreditation of organizations in the field of science and innovations and attestation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of higher qualification. It gives out certificates on accreditation on the basis of which scientific institutes are financed from the state budget, it approves the programs of examinations for doctoral students and competitors, confers the scientific degrees, scientific and scientific-pedagogical ranks, gives out the diplomas of scientific degrees, certificates of scientific and scientific-pedagogical ranks.
Web site „National Council for Accreditation and Attestation” at present it is the unique source which proposes complete information about the process of research institutions accreditation and scientific staff attestation.

The information is structured into three main sections, each of which being specified at different sublevels. These three sections are entitled „NCAA”, „Staff preparation” and „Scientific potential”. The first of them gives the data about structure, functions and current activity of NCAA, keeps the integral collection of documents (orders, instructions, standard acts) which refer to the specified domain. The second section contains the nomenclature of scientific specialties; the complete list of institutions providing doctoral studies, the list of councils for theses defending; and also the information about the theses already defended and those being under the process of examination. The third section gives the information about scientific supervisors, persons with scientific title, and post graduated students.

Let’s mention that the information structure is complex, the mode of structure being different from definitely arborescent one. Each page is designed in such a way that covers all the information relevant to the stated subject providing relevant links with adjacent topics.

Detailed representation is performed on different levels depending on the information complexity. For example, the section „NCAA” will give the details about two commissions apart – the commission for accreditation and the one for attestation (regulations of functioning, decisions, activity programs, commissions for expertise etc).

The section “Manpower training” offers more insight into subjects mentioned above providing the links necessary to obtain the complete information. For example, beginning with nomenclature of scientific specialties which is structured by domains, one can find the data about research institutions providing postgraduate studies in concrete specialty; speciality passport; the program for post-graduate study exams for this specialty; the list of councils for theses defense; the list of recently defended theses and those accepted for defense; full-text of theses in PDF format; and the archive of defended theses archive (classified by the year of defense).

At the same time each page contains references to the respective normative acts selecting just those aspects from the document which exactly reflect the subject of the page.

For the student’s convenience, the rubric “Help for postgraduate students and for Scientific Specialized Councils” contains the guide which shows step by step, with necessary explanations and references, the whole process of post graduate study beginning from admission and finishing to graduation, stating the activities specific to each stage.

The site has three languages: Romanian, English, Russian. The site features a search engine that takes into account all word forms of the words in the search query.