Members Medical and Pharmaceutical University “N. Testemitanu”

Medical and Pharmaceutical University “N. Testemitanu”

State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemiţanu” is a scientific, curative and cultural centre of university training, residency and fellowship training as well as continuous undergraduate and postgraduate education of doctors and pharmacists from the Republic of Moldova. It was founded on the basis of Institute of Medicine no. 1 from St. Petersburg, which was evacuated during the World War II in Kislovodsk and subsequently transferred to Chisinau together with teaching staff and students, under the name of State Institute of Medicine. The Institute began its activity on 20 October 1945, having only one faculty – the one of General Medicine, which assembled 32 chairs within which about 1000 students studied. Teaching was conducted by 130 teachers, including 20 Doctors Habilitates and 23 Doctors of Medical Sciences. Foundation of State Institute of Medicine from Chisinau served as an impetus for the development of higher medical education and consolidation of health system from the republic.

Faculty of Pediatrics was created in 1954, Faculty of Stomatology- in 1959, Faculty of Preventive Medicine- in 1963 and in 1964- Faculty of Pharmacy. The need for continuing training of specialists after graduation contributed to the establishment of Faculty of Continuing training for doctors in 1962. In order to create appropriate conditions for adequate deployment of scientific activity, the Central Laboratory for Scientific Researches was founded in the same year.

In 1965, the Institute received the I category and in 1967 it was entrusted to develop new forms of continuing differentiated training based on specialties of future doctors- by subordinatura and internship.

Since 1990, the Institute bears the name of Nicoale Testimitanu (1927 – 1986)- Man Emeritus, famous scientist, talented teacher and educator, statesman, experienced organizer in public health domain, who contributed substantially to the organization and development of health care in our country. He was a militant promoter of national rebirth, sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Moldova.

On 25 July 1991, State Institute of Medicine “Nicolae Testemiţanu” from Chisinau was reorganized into University. In 1996 the institution was given a new name – State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemiţanu” in Moldova. In 1992, Faculty of Residency and fellowship was opened during the process of transition to a higher stage – postgraduate specialist training of future doctors and pharmacists by residency.

At present, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemiţanu” is a high educational institution of international fame that trains medical and pharmaceutical staff in conformity with modern and concepts and international exigencies of training and education of future specialists.

Training is performed at the university level within the following faculties:

Medicine No.1 (Public Health specialty included),

Medicine No.2 (for international students),


Pharmacy and Unit for pre-university training (for students- citizens of other countries);

at post university level- within faculties of Residency and fellowship traning, Continuing Training in Medicine and Pharmacy and Department of Doctorate and Master’s degree.

In order to improve the process of scientific-practical formation of staff consisting of family doctors, dentists and pharmacists, besides University, there is also University Clinic of Primary Medical Assistance with Center of training/ testing of practical dexterities (2003); University Dental Clinic no. 1 (1977), no.2 (2012) and University Pharmaceutical Center (1982).

Training of staff is carried out based on modern programmes adjusted to European standards, with an emphasis on the most stable values, didactic methodologies and elements: tradition, advanced concepts, modalities of analysis and synthesis, level of discipline and attitude, modalities of reproductive and creative training. Integrated education, interactive methods, situation based problems, clinical cases and patient bedside services, evidence-based medicine, virtual programs, standardized patients, distance learning, learning during work process, telemedicine etc.

University studies in the first years are carried out in Romanian, Russian and English. Within the Francophone Branch (since 1998), which activates in Faculty of Medicine no.1, studies are performed preponderantly in French. The Medical Scientific Library plays an important role in the training-research process of the University, adding up to more than 1 million of publications of books and other modern sources of information.

The University is connected to Internet since 1997 and the University Center of Information “Infomedica” was established in 2002. The noble mission of educating staffs belongs to teaching teams of professors with a strong intellectual potential and a rich professional experience.

About 1000 specialists, including 12 academicians and correspondent members of Moldova Science Academy, honorable members of academies from other countries, 134 PhD holders and 486 doctors in medical sciences, 14 Laureates of State Award in the field of science and techniques activate within 2 Departments, 62 Chairs, 1 courses and 19 scientific labs.

Besides teaching and scientific activity, this potential maintains relations of collaboration in the domain of training of medical and pharmaceutical staff, medical science and practical medicine with more than 90 Universities and Clinics from France, Germany, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the USA, Israle, Romania, Russia and Ukraine etc. The international collaboration contributes to the integration in the European and world educational systems; development of student and teacher mobility, implementation of new methods of training, research, diagnosis and medical assistance, obtainment of grants for financing research, training and institutional development. State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemiţanu” has a well-equipped technical-material basis, which ensures all the domains of university activities. Over a period of 70 years of activity, the University trained over 40 thousand doctors and pharmacists, 7000 of them activating in Orient and Occident.

At present, about 6000 students from the Republic of Moldova and about 32 countries of the world study at the Chairs and university courses located in 86 modern clinics and polyclinics. Development Strategy of State University of Medicine and Pharmacy ”Nicolae Testemiţanu” was developed with assistance offered by experts, national and international organizations in 2011-2020, which on 27 October 2010 was approved by Decision of Government of Republic of Moldova as part of the Development Programme of Medical and Pharmacy education in republic of Moldova.

Subsequently, the Informatization Strategy of the University was developed in 2012-2015. The basic mission of State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemiţanu” is defined by the key role it holds in the reforming process of higher medical education, as well as health system from the country. Alignment to everything that is modern in higher education, further development and thoroughgoing study of research and innovation activities in medicine domain, rhythmic conduct of clinical work are the three components, which determine the current image of the University.