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RENAM represented by MD CERT is taking part in project Cyber Security in Danube Region CS Danube within the international cooperation programme.
This project is led by the CZ.NIC Association and it has been launched on April 1 2015. The main goal of the project is the strengthening of cooperation between countries of the Danube region in the area of cyber security. During the project representatives and specialists from participants countries will be during workshops and share their experience in Cyber Security protection.
In addition to the Republic of Moldova and the Czech Republic, the project collaborators include teams from Austria, Croatia, Serbia and Slovakia. The financial part is covered from START Danube Region Project Fund within the international cooperation programme Danube.

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Eduron IS d.o.o Croatia

Public Research and Educational networking Association of Moldova(RENAM) focuses on development, construction and maintenance of the computer networking infrastructure in Moldova.MD-CERT (CSIRT), part of RENAM set up in 2007, provides a number of proactive and monitoring services and handles all security incidents in RENAM  networking and national networks. Within the project, MD-CERT will host one project meeting and educational workshop and prepare training for other CERT/CSIRTs.


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Cyber-attacks are a problem for everyone

Cyber-attacks are a problem for everyone

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