Cyber-attacks are a problem for everyone

Cyber-attacks are a problem for everyone

Nowadays, the most criminal framework is information technology, a large percentage of crime is cyber-attacks. With the development of information technology, the quantity and quality of cyber-attacks is increasing. Every year there are more and more new threats and hacking methods. With the increase in the number of information technologies, risks increase, the power of terrorism increases, the number and methods of propaganda increase. In our time, the threat of information security is one of the most important problems of large organizations and entire countries. How to identify and prejudice the above risks? How to protect entire countries from attacks? What should protect against cyber-attacks in the first place?
On May 17, the Cyber Security Conference ( Montenegro, Podgorica was held, where the topic of protecting the country and the region from cyber-attacks was discussed. The conference is organized by Vision Event, patronized by Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro.

Participants of the conference are directors and managers of institutions and organizations, including ICT departments, people in charge for cyber security in corporations, the Government and its institutions; ministries, international organizations, missions, embassies, financial institutions (banks, insurance companies) telecommunications, auditing and IT companies, as well as other participants whose business requires data security.

The main theme of the conference is “Strengthening of national cyber security in the context of countering hybrid threats based on established standards of NATO and EU on a global level.”

The objective of Cyber Security Conference is to provide insight into setting up, maintaining and improving information security, protection against hybrid threats at the national level, protection of the critical infrastructure in companies and institutions, through information and education on ways to prevent, detect, defense, as well as alleviating the consequences of cyber-attacks.

The Cyber Security Conference focuses on the protection of individuals and information systems from cyber-attacks and hybrid threats, on presenting the most common risks and threats to information system failures, ways of overcoming these risks and establish information security, on presenting the latest trends and solutions in the area of cyber security, as well as the method of preserving secrecy and information security and proven solutions for cyber security.

The following topics were discussed at the conference:

Protection against cyber-attacks is not only a goal for banks, large organizations, the army, but also a national goal. Many small organizations or citizens believe that cyber-attacks do not exactly concern them, that only organizations with a large number of attacks should be protected from cyber-attacks. Why was this opinion? Social engineering is one of the most criminal parts of countries. There are constant thefts of bitcoins and data. Many citizens are not protected from this, as they do not have information education on security. Today, few people can get enough education to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. It is necessary to create and distribute websites, information about how you can protect yourself from cyber-attacks. The only way to be protected is to learn how to defend yourself and teach each other how to defend against cyber-attacks.

Main Cyber Trends:

Hackers and other criminal organizations that engage in cyber-attacks also have their working day. Francisco Mendes Luis (Head of EC3 Department, European Cyber-crime Center Europol) made an analysis of the time in which the attacks mainly take place. Most cyber-attacks occur at night or on weekends. While civilians are resting, cyber-criminals commit another attack. EC3 Department uses an image and video analysis system (IVAS) that helps stop sexual abuse, child pornography, and slavery. According to the system, it searches for photo with prohibited content, according to this photo, the system can determine the place where the photo was taken, then all that remains is to take certain measures.

The most common attack is DDoS attack. With large DDoS attacks, it is impossible to cover all incidents. For example, there have been cases when as a result of a DDoS attack came about 4,000,000 incidents, if you look at and cover every incident, then it will take 25 years. It is necessary to set priorities. The most important, relevant and major incidents first, after all the rest.

Today, cyber-attack systems have evolved, they have become more hybrid and more difficult to prevent, old solutions to prevent cyber-attacks are no longer suitable, new solutions are needed. One of the main decisions and the main innovation in the cybersecurity of the Montenegro region is the introduction of the Blockchain technology. At the moment, much is already connected with blockchain technology in cyber security. Blockchain in cryptography is a new “refreshing”. Many technologies in cryptography are already outdated, and the blockchain helps to improve cryptography and make it stronger. Also blockchain copes with updating large databases. With the help of this technology it is possible to do this much faster and without loss of data. Digital currency – such as bitcoin is also associated with the blockchain.

Another cyber-security solution is to introduce machine learning and artificial intelligence in defense against cyber-attacks. People cannot cover all cyber incidents on their own. If computers are allowed to cover minor cyber incidents, there will be more opportunity to focus on more important and major incidents.

How to protect yourself from cyber-attacks?

The most important and most effective solution for eliminating many cyber-attacks and creating a safe environment in the country is creating an eco-system where the army, police, academy, government, health care, the financial sector, the private sector and citizens will cooperate with each other. Cyber terrorism and propaganda are not only a problem of the state, the army or large organizations, all sectors of the country are faced with this problem. Combine all the forces – the only right decision.


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