Publications ITSEC 2007

ITSEC 2007

Analysis and prevention of computer accidents in the RENAM network

Petru Bogatencov1, Alexandr Golubev1, Alexei Altuhov1, Veaceslav Sidorenco 2

Affiliation? 1RENAM Association Str.Academiei, 5, of 331, Chisinau, MD-2028, Republic of Moldova; tel.: (+373 22) 739827;

2Technical University of Moldova, Stefan Mare Av., 168, Chisinau, MD-2004, Republic of Moldova, tel.: (+373 22) 210400; E-mail:


For increasing security and registration dangerous incidents in the RENAM’s network was created CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team). This is group of specialist who should engage in registration these incidents in the network and assist in eliminating the incidents.

MD-CERT – CERT is a center of internet security expertise, located at the RENAM, Research and Education National Association from Moldova. We study internet security vulnerabilities, research long-term changes in networked systems, and develop information and training to help you improve security.

Keywords: CERT, CSIRT, RENAM, Networks Securing, Constituency


A CERT organization is a national or regional level organization that acts as a coordination center readily available to respond to and tackle any emergency computer and network security incidents. Usually the organization handles computer security incidents and vulnerabilities, publishes security alerts, and develops information and training on information security.

CERT stands for Computer Emergency Response Team. There exist various abbreviations for the same sort of teams:

MD-CERT it is the center of computer incidents analyzing. MD-CERT is engaged in gathering and analyzing of the facts of computer incidents (i.e. attempts or the facts of infringements obviously certain by the owner of the information or standard in a network the Internet corrected works with computer resources), concerning to the network resources located in territory MD.

Any information about computer incidents, references to useful resources in the field of protection of information technologies, wishes, will be closely considered and as far as possible taken under consideration. MD-CERT guarantees confidentiality of all sent information on incidents.

MD-CERT is the noncommercial project and according to this status is not engaged in the activity connected with advertising, promotion of those or other decisions and techniques, an exchange of banners, development of projects on protection, etc.

Realization of CERT in Moldova is sponsored by NATO project


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