News&Events CERT/CLOSER coordination meeting

CERT/CLOSER coordination meeting

1. Prior to the meeting in Chisinau all Silk & CEENet NRENs have been sked to express their potential interest in CERT Exercises project. As a result of this inquiry NRENs from following countries have
expressed their interest in this project and defined contact persons: AF,AL,AM,AZ,GE,LV,MD, PL,TJ,TM,UZ. Additionally KG asked to be able to take their decision after they consult their representative coming back from Chisinau meeting.

2. Representatives of NRENs from following countries sent their representatives to the Chisinau meeting:

3. In the discussion a following ammendments have been suggested:
– higher priority for NRENs increased network security, including undergoing network security audit
– ability of NRENs to perform network security audits for their beneficiaries

4. It has been decided to form 2 working groups:
– Technical (further specification of content of exercises, needed equipment, etc.)
Following persons volunteered to this group: Denis Ustimienko,
Alexander Golubev, Anto Veldre (subject to confirmation), CERT-PL
– Editorial (looking for funding sources, studying application procedures & forms, checking chances, drafting justification, budget, collecting administrative information from partners, LoE, CVs, LoS,
Following persons volunteered to this group: Jacek Gajewski, David Tabatadze, Andrey Klesov (subject to confirmation), Ulkar Bayramova

Those groups are suppoused to deliver a short summary of their discussions till end of June.

5. Those summaries will be sent back to NATO/Silk for pre-view and to NREN heads with concrete proposals for NREN’s committments (in terms of own contributions, usually in form of labour), asking them to re-confirm their interest and committ their contribution

6. On basis of the above committments draft of NIG application will be completed by Editorial Group

7. Sending NIG application draft to all partners for comments, analyzing feedback

8. Finalization of application, sending it to NATO


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