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DDOS Protection

Creation a system for fighting against DDOS attacks is actual problem that is actively developing in many countries. Creation of effective mechanisms for defending from DDOS attacks of the existing governmental networking infrastructure is a real problem for Moldova too. In the Republic of Moldova exist and functioning large number of Internet resources including commercial and governmental web portals, that are based on poor secured servers’ platforms. According with world experience it is not a problem to crash any server using DDOS. Taking into consideration the experience and recommendations of the cyber-security professionals, now it is clear that not always is necessary to have an illegal botnet to destroy any connected server operation. One server cannot properly defend against attacks. It is impossible to distinguish legacy http request and DDOS attack if intruder use the modern tools for initializing DDOS, and it is impossible to filter these DDOS requests because they come from all over the world. The solution of this problem – is creation of united distributed system for defending against DDOS based on the distributed servers’ pools over the territory of the country. It will make possible to distribute identification of the legacy user threw the servers that are not attacked at this moment, that will guard the attacked   server from the intruders attacks and will decrease its loading.


July 8, 2019

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