News&Events GRENA launches cyber exercises portal

GRENA launches cyber exercises portal

Nowadays, information and cyber security have become essential for the stable operations and development of countries’ e-infrastructures. Taking this into consideration, GRENA, the Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association in cooperation with CERT.GOV.GE – the Georgian Governmental Computer Emergency Response Team – and with the support of the EU-funded EaPConnect project, has developed a cyber exercises portal:

This portal is mainly intended for Georgian university students who are studying Information Technology, in order for them to deepen their practical skills in detecting and reacting to cyber incidents. The portal will also be useful for IT professionals working in public and private sectors and will help them to respond quickly and efficiently to cyber incidents in their organisations’ computer infrastructures.

Exercises placed on the portal refer to the following issues:

Presentation of the cyber exercises portal

On 26 November, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University hosted a presentation of the new cyber exercises portal. About 90 representatives of Georgian universities as well as public and private institutions attended the event.

“The 21st century, this is a century of cyber threats, the century when emphasis is placed on actively and rapidly developed information technologies. Correspondingly, the threats that are entailed in this development is of utmost significance. We do hope that Georgian universities will become actively engaged” – Mr. Alexandre Tsiskaridze, Deputy Rector of the Tbilisi State University.

“We are pleased to introduce the first online Cyber Laboratory in Georgia. This is a unique opportunity for the individuals who are interested in cyber security. We have plans to increase the number of exercises and translate them into English to make it available for other countries” – Mr. David Kvatadze, CERT.GOV. GE manager.


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